Whether you’re hosting a convention center full of business people or a lawn speckled with tie-dye, TicketGEYSER helps you harness the power of mobile technology.

TG exclusive event apps (scaled to events of any size) allow you to promote, and maintain an ongoing relationships with attendees, enhance the onsite experience and have access to a heap of analytics.

TicketGEYSER helps you leverage mobile technology with app features including:

  •  Directions and venue information
  • Artist & speaker profiles
  • Fan-to-fan connection
  • Registration, check-in and will call
  • Venue maps and layout
  • Share audio bits, photos and video
  • In-app advertising space for event sponsors
  • Audience/attendees polls

Make it easy for fans to find your event while giving them a positive end-to-end experience.

Fans are traveling around the country and world to attend their favorite events.  TG’s tech-centric platform  makes it easy for attendees to find you while giving them a positive end-to-end experience.  Audiences expect information in the palm of their hand before, during and after your event, Whatever you need, we can build!  You don’t even need to be a technical guru, we’ll take care of the technical stuff for you!