Real Time Reporting

TicketGEYSER gives you access to real time data and reports, from any from any device or computer.  All you need is an internet connection to see how much money you have made, tickets sold and individual transactions.  Sort transactions by selected dates, periods of times, price or even compare multiple events.

Know Your Audience

Customer insights help you sell more tickets and plan your marketing strategy.  View customer data, registrants and purchasing history.   When you know your audience, telling tickets Gain valuable insights about your audience and easily set up marketing campaigns to particular know  see your most valuable customers and reward them with tickets, upgrades, pre-sale opportunities and more.

Easily compare purchase history from year to year

Export & Download

Take a break from the will-call hassle.  Downloading your will-call ticket list is a snap using our FREE Data Vault backup software, putting you in control of YOUR DATA at all times!   Don’t have will-call? Use this same technology to generate email lists from your database and send a bulk message to your Customers notifying them of Future Events, or updates on your business.  Will-call set up is ideal for smaller events, workshops and events where attendees need a name badge or personalized information upon arrival.

Give your brand a voice and you can enjoy a more engaged, motivated and rewarded fan base.